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06:23pm 11/08/2005
  so i got my eyebrows waxed and a pedicure and i cannot stop looking in the mirror and staring at my toes
i don't think i'll ever be able to cut my toe nails myself ever again!!!!!!!!!!!!
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12:47pm 04/08/2005





02:57am 23/07/2005
  Stabburnedaway [2:14 AM]: wanna roleplay
LoveToTalkSports [2:14 AM]: sure
Stabburnedaway [2:14 AM]: okay pretend i'm a mcchicken tell me all the dirty things you'll do to me
LoveToTalkSports [2:14 AM]: ahh
LoveToTalkSports [2:14 AM]: ok
LoveToTalkSports [2:15 AM]: well I suck on roleplay but i will try
Stabburnedaway [2:15 AM]: it's okay baby you wanna supersize
LoveToTalkSports [2:15 AM]: yea
Stabburnedaway [2:15 AM]: any sauce with that
LoveToTalkSports [2:15 AM]: nah
Stabburnedaway [2:16 AM]: tell how your slowly take me out of my wrapper
LoveToTalkSports [2:17 AM]: i would use my right hand to take it out slowly as my mouth opens for the meat I have been waiting for
LoveToTalkSports [2:17 AM]: man i suck on roleplayin
LoveToTalkSports [2:17 AM]: oh well
Stabburnedaway [2:17 AM]: stick your tongue in between my beef patties
LoveToTalkSports [2:17 AM]: i already doing on it
Stabburnedaway [2:18 AM]: mmmmmmmmmmmm
LoveToTalkSports [2:18 AM]: (licking between it)
LoveToTalkSports [2:18 AM]: ooohh delicious!
Stabburnedaway [2:18 AM]: can you taste my mayo
LoveToTalkSports [2:18 AM]: oh yes
LoveToTalkSports [2:18 AM]: sweet
Stabburnedaway [2:18 AM]: continue baby
Stabburnedaway [2:18 AM]: i'm so hot and greasey
LoveToTalkSports [2:19 AM]: oops piece of lettuce fell on my lap...and i picked it up slowly towards to my upper lap...then i licked it off the dirty...and ate it
LoveToTalkSports [2:19 AM]: ohh delicious
Stabburnedaway [2:20 AM]: ohhh i think i'm going to mcorgasm
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10:26pm 22/07/2005
Gretchen Weiner

Which Mean Girl are you?
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my live would FANFUCKINGTASTIC if i could drive everything else is wonderful amazing friends/boyfriend like almost a real job if they give me more hours again like the weeks before i'm actually really happy with my body here lately i think hollister clothing is very flattering .. the driving thing hasn't really bothered me at first cause it's like shit did i do this to myself yep... but now i have someone i want to see but it never happens cause he doesn't have money for gas and never will except money from me. not seeing each other all the time didn't bother me at first cause i was like it's not like he doesn't want to its just the situation and when i do see him like once a week atleast it's awesome but people constently ask where he is why didn't he come or what is he doing my reply oh he's sleeping.... :( hopefully soon he'll get a job=money to pick me up but then he'll be working all the time and are scheduals might conflict.......i feel like im in a long distance relationship but he lives 15 minutes away but i like him alot and he's the nicest guy i've met he treats me well and i don't think he'll ever hurt me.... i really really like him alot..
10:25pm 22/07/2005

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10:16pm 22/07/2005
Cady Heron

Which Mean Girl are you?
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10:13pm 22/07/2005
Regina George

Which Mean Girl are you?
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05:28am 14/07/2005
  so tonight was pretty awesome until about 30 minutes ago everyone i invited showed up except for dina diana dedrick and sergeo but it was still awesome and i would like to thank everyone for coming exspecially ya'll from the SoCo cause that's hellas far away... so bbq rum fun truth or dare card massive rotten farts coming from my ass "josh the party is OVER" "k mom good night (while everyone was laughing at her) don't make me get your dad" oh no not his barely functional senior ass... so i ask her were we to loud did the door slam what did i do. nothing it's just 5 am and i thought you had enough common sense to tell everyone to leave
goddamn i make everyone stay out side and sweat to death just so i didn't have to hear this shit. "so mom if we weren't loud then how did you know we were in the garage i heard you guys when i went to the bathroom" . i hate not being finacial stable so i can never be mad at my mom or dad cause then i would only see them when i want to. i hate not being able to go to sleep when i'm angrey... and I HATE WHINING ABOUT SHIT.... i'm just gonna think about the 5 hours + i had having fun and how i have the best friends ever.....
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11:28pm 29/06/2005
mood: loved
maggie and joshes day of fun we went to the loop and i sold cloths and made 48 dollars and won 4 on scratches hell motherfucking ya. then ate amazing chinese food at a place by her house mmm crab ragoon and chrimp fried rice. then we went to chucks house and played with the cutest baby doggies puffs and sarah were there too it was fun ewwww i saw a porno chuck made where his ex was licking his asshole FUCKING GROSS. ps i <3lee time for bed aaaahhhhh i so don't wanna wake up @ 6
12:52pm 29/06/2005
  GODDAMMIT JEFF LINDSEY YOU KNOW LOBSTER RED LINDSEY FROM WORK IS GOING TO SOUND of the underground (Err whatever it's called the one with gwar)
she asked me if i thought her and her boyfriend look good together sadly i said yes and that he is cute which is more than a lie he looks like he has downs syndrome and if they ever have sex i have know idea how he doesn't break in two...
12:43pm 29/06/2005
  so i signed some shit at pride at the planned parent hood stand and they called me yesterday and asked if i wanted to march with them on july 4 at 10 am or something anyone wanna go with me ?????  
12:15am 27/06/2005
sewing is love
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i need a sewing machine that works :) so the 2nd day of pride was alot funner then the first i talked to casey a boy from myspace who i think hung out with seany a couple times he seems nice. sorry i gave your number to misha seany i didn't know about his creepy comment at that time... i not going to drink for like a month jesus i feel my liver harding so i drank half a bottle last night and then the rest this morning and that used to not be shit but know it's killing.WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING TO ME i don't have spikey hair or facial hair i wear collared shirts without skulls on it now and i got rid of most my black t shirts.
i can't drink that much anymore cause i'm kinda a light weight now. i don't smoke weed and i've been wearing a baseball cap the last couple days I hate hats. and i actually make plans instead of just go with the flow now. i think i need a name for this alter ego how bout dick that works. the red hair has to go soon too once i get my hair the desired length i love maggie
Stabburnedaway [9:44 PM]: i'm good watching queer as folk
MilenkoVictim [9:44 PM]: i misserz you muchly
MilenkoVictim [9:44 PM]: wheee
MilenkoVictim [9:44 PM]: penis
Stabburnedaway [9:44 PM]: i just read your journal and was wondering if you were feeling better
Stabburnedaway [9:44 PM]: justin broke up with brian omg

MilenkoVictim [9:44 PM]: meh, kinda, just feel like i got in a fight
MilenkoVictim [9:45 PM]: whaaaaaaaaaaat?
MilenkoVictim [9:45 PM]: omg
MilenkoVictim [9:45 PM]: thank you for asking love <3
Stabburnedaway [9:45 PM]: i love you and i miss you too
Stabburnedaway [9:46 PM]: did i tell you i kinda got a promotion
MilenkoVictim [9:46 PM]: no!
MilenkoVictim [9:46 PM]: what kind of promotion?
Stabburnedaway [9:46 PM]: but i still get paid the same though
MilenkoVictim [9:46 PM]: meh
Stabburnedaway [9:46 PM]: i''m training all next week starting at 9 tomorrow to wokr the customer service desk
MilenkoVictim [9:47 PM]: OooooOOoOOooo
MilenkoVictim [9:47 PM]: congratualtions
Stabburnedaway [9:47 PM]: cause i'm the best fucking homosexual cashier eva!!!!
MilenkoVictim [9:47 PM]: isn't it great to be competent
Stabburnedaway [9:47 PM]: thankee
MilenkoVictim [9:47 PM]: yes you are
Stabburnedaway [9:47 PM]: i know
Stabburnedaway [9:48 PM]: i think it's a good thing that i stopped smoking the dope so i can actually remember what there teaching me
MilenkoVictim [9:48 PM]: hahahah
MilenkoVictim [9:48 PM]: werd homes
Stabburnedaway [9:48 PM]: so yesterday adam calls me at 12 and some really flamey guy answers
Stabburnedaway [9:49 PM]: so him and dawn were going to try to set me up with one of there old friends
MilenkoVictim [9:49 PM]: hahahaha
Stabburnedaway [9:49 PM]: i know werid
MilenkoVictim [9:49 PM]: don't you already have a butt plug at the moment? lee?
Stabburnedaway [9:50 PM]: but anywho i was like i have a bf but i'm always looking for more homo friends cause i'm trying to have the scene eat me or something
MilenkoVictim [9:50 PM]: i haven't met him yet
MilenkoVictim [9:50 PM]: *cries*
Stabburnedaway [9:51 PM]: i know you will he actually is 3 hours away at his moms house
Stabburnedaway [9:51 PM]: he left saturday and is coming back monday
Stabburnedaway [9:51 PM]: i need to makeout with him like NOW
MilenkoVictim [9:52 PM]: tomorrow is monday
MilenkoVictim [9:52 PM]: you'll make it
MilenkoVictim [9:52 PM]: but i need to meet him soon
Stabburnedaway [9:52 PM]: errr its killingme
MilenkoVictim [9:52 PM]: otherwise i will feel uncool
Stabburnedaway [9:52 PM]: your so not uncool yous the bestest
MilenkoVictim [9:52 PM]: wheeeeeee
Stabburnedaway [9:53 PM]: do you work tomorrow ???? i work till like 2 230 i could try to stop in with him depending on when his sexy ass comes in
yay jenna is in the hizouse YAYAYAYAYYAY and lube steve n casey don't wanna work at at 9 grrrr
SkittlesGQ [12:12 AM]: i didnt detect sarcasim did I?
SkittlesGQ [12:13 AM]: are you trying to figure out a response
Stabburnedaway [12:13 AM]: yep
SkittlesGQ [12:13 AM]: lol
SkittlesGQ [12:13 AM]: well i would go with a simple yes or no
SkittlesGQ [12:13 AM]: lol
Stabburnedaway [12:14 AM]: i was trying to be an asshole
SkittlesGQ [12:14 AM]: lol
SkittlesGQ [12:14 AM]: you suck seded (what the fuck does that mean)
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02:26am 25/06/2005
  omg i took some shots with dinas dad and then had a huge conversation about homosexual intercourse with him. btw he's 4 gay marriage and that made me really happy. recap went to some russian bar/resturant i drank a chocolate martini and a blue martini and a motherfucking red headed slut hell ya oh wait and a sex on the beach. so it turns out that dina and lees friend misha know each other ...ps latkes are amazing and i'm going to like a roller skating rave thing on the 23 bring a fifth and you get in for free whhooottt. today was amazing sadly i spend most of t bawling my eyes out cause i'm insecure i love life yay happy pridefest everyone....  
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04:35pm 24/06/2005
  whose a little bitch yep it's me my appologizes derron so i call and he was like aren't you suppose to be at work you told me you were going to be working the past two days ahhahahahahhahahahahah
i'm a douche but everything is grand again. so i took a bubble bath with like 30 candels surrounding me put egg whites on my face and beer in my hair and read my indian spirtualism book wiht the lights off woooo i'm a homo. and i train all next week to do customer service YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYAYYAYAYAYY steve told me i might get some annomisity from the other cashiers though like i give a fuck cause i'm super bitch hahahahah.
MOTHERFUCKORZZZZZZZZZ(subtitle) cause i'm a wishfull thinker with the worst intentions)   
02:55pm 24/06/2005
last night was awesomely fun i love mel rach derron and camRON it made me forget about not getting a call back but i didn't leave a message or anything when i called and today he officially moves in hhhmmmm
god not even a week and i'm already stressing goddammit this is why most homo are sluts no feelings=no attachment=never being sad=being happy with just fucking everyone=not getting stressed out because you just go holla at another one of your "friends". why does a companion make you so happy it's truly the best feeling with every high there's a low. i want more hollister collard shirts right NOW. i can't wait to upload the few pictures i took at warp tour the only two band pics are gerard way and buddy nielsen with his fist in the air YAY. so i veeted my airpit hair off errrrr actually jeff did without my consent but hope less sweaty pits that be great. i'm playing with dina tonight and i'm excited also i going to a AA meeting at a church in wentzville i think i'm going to continue going to this one cause there never anyone else except for this other kid who's 21 and works at mcdonalds he said it's his first steady job and the two old people who run it are kinda amusing :) and extremely religious every session is started and ended with prayer it reminds of grade school and this goes along with how i feel like a 15 year old waiting for the glorious day when he gets his license and is finally free to do what ever he wants to some exstent. everyone i talk to is like watch you get another one right after you get your license back(thanks for the support ya'll) 10 years without one is what would happen that definately isn't going to happen. after the first i wouldn't even taste a drink before i got behind the wheel one act can destroy everything but atleast i'm not bitter anymore cause hey these past months have been flying buy and i have the hope of buying a sebring lxi convertable to keep me at ease my daddy said depending on how much i save the might match it which ubercool. i miss all the people i would hangout with alot when i had a car (cough jenna cough) but whatev i love everyone that stuck around and halls my ass around you guys are amazing and my true friends :) . anyone wanna go to thrift stores with me there's an amazing one by west county mall. it was really werid putting on deodorant on cause ya it had nothing to stick to and i feel as if i didn't put any one WERID....
10:14pm 19/06/2005
  josh also need this http://sourpussclothing.com/index.asp?cat=52&prod=1992&start=1  
10:13pm 19/06/2005
  this is fun http://sourpussclothing.com/index.asp?cat=76&prod=2324&start=1 yay i switch my hours so i work at 5 on saturday and now i don't have to work on sunday YAY
so i was watching lifetime with my mom and winnie from the wonder years played a herion addicted lawyer awesome mix don't you think. you'd think she would be doing pretty drugs like cocain with that kind of money... so jim at schnucks said i should train to work the front desk and i was like hells ya more money PLEASE. i ate shrimp earlier and it was amazing ps don't buy the cocktail sauce from the deli cause it needs more horseraddish in it too much ketchup i need a manicure+pedicure anyone wanna give me 70 bucks. i LOVE how i ramble. bewitched comes out friday it so on theresa!!!! http://sourpussclothing.com/index.asp?cat=31&prod=582&start=1 in want these REALLY bad. i gave lee my hemp adidas cause his boot things are ugly. happy fathers day everyone i kinda copped out with my gift to daddy jalapeno poppers. he digged them. i also made him eat some of my shrimp. and bought them doughnut for the morning. he was like josh your awesome and that made me really happy i think he said it like that cause that so something i would say. oh daddy thank you for fucking mom so i can be alive and makeout with boys. i need shorts like hella this is extremely cute and screams theresa ithink http://sourpussclothing.com/index.asp?cat=32&prod=2284&start=1. i miss dina it's been alittle minute maybe a week but still. http://sourpussclothing.com/index.asp?cat=52&prod=2152&start=1'
http://sourpussclothing.com/index.asp?cat=52&prod=1388&start=1 this is really slutty and hot http://sourpussclothing.com/index.asp?cat=52&prod=1992&start=1
dammit my hair is taking SO long to grow!!!! i have to work at 7am pooh. i'm in the best mood eva.
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12:57pm 19/06/2005
  so like the last 48 hours have been fucking amazing so i get my eyebrows waxed with rachel. later that night i go to camRONs house with ms angie(st.chuck) ashley and jenny who i loves so muches......
then get drunk and makeout with jenny and supposedly a bunch of other chicks oh me. then i meet a beautiful homo named lee er that's actually his nick name his real name is donald leroy but he hates his father and he was named after so yes he goes by lee. so i spend like have the night making out with him on the back poarch and making MASSIVE hickies all over his neck. we go to drop of some cute little girl off lindel and then everyone was gone to waffel house i later find out....so we go back to his house and ya futon+naked=rugburn on my arm... we hung out yesterday to he dropped me off about and hour ago. he asked if i would like to his boyfriend and of course i said yes it's kinda rushing it but i'm not complaining. i hope i get to spend the night with him tonight also. i'm like glowing with happiness so guys i'm appologizing for any sappy shit i with be obsessing about for now one. he knows the spankys guy kris and his fucking georgous friend Ernie. it really funny he called kris the homosexual welcoming mat of st.louis..
i need my phone back!!!!!!!!!!! now
keep turning out those hits till it's all the same old shit   
12:50pm 16/06/2005
mood: ecstatic
so ya i bought this straighter lotion kit shit yesterday and it smelled like complete asshole but it totally did the trick no more fucking bump thing in the middel of my head awesome but i can't wash my hair for two days and that's sad i LOVE cleanlyness and my new herbal essences shampoo. i need new cds and more fucking cloths and for the love of god a sidekick 2.

i also want this http://sourpussclothing.com/index.asp?cat=14&prod=2317&start=1 and http://sourpussclothing.com/index.asp?cat=39&prod=1103&start=1

ps my bdays next month ya 20 years and not a single accomplishment or wait i am still alive :)
01:52am 10/06/2005
  target shirts are the shit too btw